Aerial Device

Ball and beam problem is an unstable non-linear system widely used as a bench mark control setup for test different controllers. 

Here, we innovate it by governing the angular position of the beam with a twin-rotor system

This experiment consist of a beam, rotating through a pivot, with two propellers attached at the ends of the beam. Then, the control objective is to regulate the ball position at some predefined set-point, ensuring stability and robustness in front external perturbations and unmodeled uncertainties.

Although the given experimental platform already presents some kind of perturbation in the dynamic modeling due to the moving mass of the car emulator, another experiment for a perturbed case is presented in this section. In this case, the disturbance consists of adding a disturbing mass to a propeller of the aerial device. 

Related Publications

One-degree aerial device: control and experimental development

L. Acho, P. Buenestado, G. Pujol-Vázquez

Mathematical Problems in Engineering  2024 - to appear