Electromagnetic Levitation Device

Low-cost MagLev experimental platform able to perform semi-active control. This work proposes a discrete-time semi-active PID controller for the unstable magnetic levitation system. This platform consists of an Arduino micro-controller and a Rapsberry Pi computer. Both are low-cost devices with open-source software releases for communication and programming. Then, a modified PID controller with resetting actions is developed and implemented in the semi-active format.

Related Publications

Stabilization of two-dimensional nonlinear systems through barrier-function-based integral sliding-mode control: application to a magnetic levitation system

S. Mobayen, A. Vargas, L. Acho, G. Pujol-Vázquez, C. Caruntu

Nonlinear Dynamics 2023, 111 (2)

Semi-Active Magnetic Levitation System for Education

G. Pujol-Vázquez; A.N. Vargas; S. Mobayen; L.Acho

Applied Sciences 2021, 11 (12)